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  • Cyber security is important in all spheres of human endeavor, It protects the right of an individual on the net.
  • I feel if awareness of the relvance of the internet to our daily lives is created, enabling and taking safety measures to safeguide cyberspace will be an easier task.
  • One of the most problematic elements of cybersecurity is the quickly and constantly evolving nature of security risks. The traditional approach has been to focus most resources on the most crucial system components and protect against the biggest known threats, which necessitated leaving some less important system components undefended and some less dangerous risks not protected against.
  • George, thank you for drawing attention to processes. I was a victim in April. I lost my data to a virus attack. This was how it happened. I was on the net when a message popped up repeatedly preventing from working smoothly. I clicked allow program. That was my undoing.
  • Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access, we tend to focus on the technology and ignore the processes, a simple changing of passwords, having a good privacy setting, updating antivirus and creating a relatively good firewall can essentially guard against threat in cyberspace.
  • Securing the cyberspace is important but educating internet users on how it can be harnessed for economic development is to my mind critical especially in the African context. People need to become more aware of the huge economic potentials inherent in the cyberspace.
    • I share this view as well. For instance, a user needs to be aware of what the cyberspace has to offer in terms of his educational needs/ economic needs. For naïve internet users, it just don't make any sense!

      The security is another issue to contend with. Is setting complicated passwords (including figures, case variations etc.) and rewriting displayed icons just enough? People have unwillingly shared important/ personal info and have even lost huge sums in the past! What of the present? How far do we intend to fight this menace with the flux joining in their millions by the day? Anyway, I am optimistic.
  • Not only that West Africa does not have the capacity to monitor the cyber space, the government's support needed for empowerment and deployment of manpower in this regard seems not to be available, and cyber security is such an important area that governments of western world invest hugely in. We need a well-trained professionals that will work in cyber-security roles, and West African governments, as well as academic institutions, should make this one of their priorities.
    • 'Government's support needed for empowerment and deployment of manpower not being available' in my view is a relative statement. Government's support in various other aspect of our individual and collective needs never seem to be available. If the issue of tha internet use is prioritized, it would also fit in snuggly into government's list of important issues that needs to be executed. Nevrtheless, you've made a very valid point on the need for proffessionals to work in cyber-security roles. Welldone!
  • Given the growing, though slow, level of Africa's participation in cyber activities, the need for cyber security on the continent is beyond debate. Africa can draw inspiration from the more developed regions and act fast in ratifying the Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection Convention they developed in 2014.
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