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  • The Antidote for the lover of Sex doll



    Open Letter to Sex Doll Rearers.... By abasswealth

    I said it sometimes ago that those who decided to be sleeping with man made materials are suffering from schizophrenia, brain tumor and hemispherectomy. They need medical attention from the professional psychologists. 

    Those who make sex with sex doll should be treated equally with those sleeping with goats. They are both suffering from psychological disorder. 

    I'm very much sure that only ungodly minded fellow would patronize this, irresponsible bunch of he-goats. 

    Come to think of it, you are sleeping with teddy bear. 

    The God fearing calibre would rather have their manhood castrated rather than sleeping with an ordinary image made by ordinary men.  

    We have heard about the history of Sodom and Gomorrah, but this generation has gone beyond act of sodomy and yet the patience God is still forgiving. 

    Now I concur with the chapter of Al-qu'ran that states that when the end time comes, the world will be in dilemma. People would be seeing something wrong as something normal. 

    May Allah guide us all from this Torment and may He count us among the dwellers of Paradise. 

    Something that cannot solve your problem beyond some minutes sex. 

    Now I believe many are mad but few are roaming.

    By bakare Abass Bamidele

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